Welcome to St. Mary’s Lwak; A Centre of Excellence for an All Round Citizen. It gives me singular pride that you have entrusted us with the all-important role of nurturing your daughters towards attainment of excellence and realization of their budding dreams. It is a duty that never for a moment shall we take for granted. We have undone our coats and folded our sleeves in a bid to ensure that this investment, whose nurturing you have invited us to partner in, becomes a success story; always remind your daughter that the future is now; she has to roll up her sleeves, let her passion flow as the country we carry in our hearts is waiting for her to showcase her prowess in nation building.

Dear parents, as a school community we stand heads high because you chose us. In this regard, I invite you to walk with us every step of this long and winding journey without relenting. It is a voyage that I am optimistic together we shall travel and reach its ultimate end successfully. So far, your girls have settled in quickly and I am glad to report that they have been quick to find their way within without any outrageous occurrences.

Dear stakeholders, we have so far admitted 842 form ones. This is the highest enrolment in the history of this beautiful institution. The school population stands at 2656 students. This has overstretched the physical facilities, that generations gone past, had broken sweat to put in place. After long deliberations, our Parents Association settled on some progressive way forward to ensure that we comfortably accommodate the growing population as we endeavor to quench their thirst for quality education which is the trademark upon which this school was started. I ask us to be proactive as we also lay a stronger foundation for tomorrow’s generations. My clarion call is that we join in seamlessly so as to speedily sort out the existing infrastructure challenges.

Partners, as we journey together, I urge us to remain vigilant on our children’s behavior at all times. Dangerous and negative things are lurking in our societal environment and if we do not remain keen, we may end up with social wrecks. As a school, we are intolerant to wayward behavior for we strive to ensure we inculcate values. In relation to this, it is important to remind your daughters at all times about the importance of sound social behavior; they must be on the watch out for any negative influence on them and others doing the contrary may lead to unpalatable consequences.

Our main business is academic excellence. Your daughter must at all times strive to maintain a good academic record because it is the license that guarantees a predictable successful future. If they do well, it will fill them with personal pride and boost their confidence as they trudge on this globe. It will also be evidence that your investment did not go down the drain.

Dear parents, our communication channels are open and I urge you to use them for the betterment of our school and not for distractive purposes. If we choose the latter, our journey towards Destination Success may be delayed or derailed altogether. When we find hitches along the way, let us consult, discuss and find the best way forward.

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